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Galloping Sheep

Lambs Find Hidden Meadow – And Worming!

If you visited the Museum in the spring and walked in the Hidden Meadow, you would have enjoyed the proliferation of spring flowers. The meadow is however, an important grazing area for the Museum’s sheep and the Museum’s farm staff and volunteers spent much of the winter reducing the invasive scrub cover and erecting or

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Heritage Building Trainee 2016 – 17 reflections

Reflections on the last 18 months of my traineeship When I applied for the role of heritage buildings trainee I didn’t know quite what to expect. For a year and a half I had worked doing building repair work in Devon mainly using traditional materials such as cob and lime. I loved using my hands

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lambing at COAM

A Volunteer’s Introduction to Lambing Time

The image of fluffy playful lambs prancing around fresh meadows on a sunny spring day whilst their watchful mums nibble at the grass amongst the early spring flowers, is an image implanted on many country lovers and townies minds alike. At the Museum, lambing is one of the events of the year for many visitors,

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Silver Grey Dorking Chickens

Chicken Run Blues

The Museum’s farm chickens are enjoying the milder spring weather having endured an unpleasant winter locked in their henhouse. This was in their own interest in order to protect them from the risk of catching avian influenza which was a problem in some European countries last winter. Poultry farmers and other captive bird owners across

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